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who we are.

TESTA Group is a holding company founded in 2017. The core business of TESTA is the Passive Fire Protection, additionally, it has investments in other business sectors.

In Passive Fire Protection, we design, develop, certify, and manufacture products and systems on several business lines, such as fire ventilation and daylight, fire and smoke curtains; technical doors (fire rated metal and wood doors, acoustic, bullet protection; anti-intrusion; multipurpose), fire rated glass systems; fire stopping products, expansion joints. With over 200 employees, 5 factories, we export our products and solutions to more than 30 countries.

TESTA Group has local operations in Portugal, Spain and Germany.



exceptional client service

Our aim is to be a forerunner for exceptional client service by investing time in understanding our customers needs in order to fulfill them using our in-depth industry knowledge, manufacturing expertise and technical know – how.
Our communication with our clients is always clear, straightforward and prompt. We are committed in delivering products and services that exceed our customers expectations, achieve our clients objectives and add value.

operational excellence

Performance in execution is measured with a higher focus on results than activity.
With a laser focus on detail, immediately acting on problems, eliminating anything that does not add value and continuously driving results.
Our execution is meticulous with constant and detailed follow-up. Improvement is continual and systematic for all our people and processes.

working with integrity

Ensuring integrity in our workplace is a direct result of being accountable and straightforward in all our dealings. Having zero tolerance for unethical and dishonorable behavior.
Always doing the right thing, even in cases where it is the most dificult. Treating all people respectfully, everyone counts, from cleaning worker to CEO and strengthening communities where we live and work.

winning team and culture

Creating a winning team involves being disciplined, working well together, executing persistently with accuracy and having a common passion in succeeding goals and targets.
Treating our team members with transparency and truthfulness, providing training and opportunities for growth, ensuring meaningful and effective work, having a common goal of building a healthy and dynamic company.