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TESTA Group conducts business in a wide range of industries on an international level. We design, develop, manufacture and market our products and services to more than 30 countries. A strategically and organically integrated vibrant business foundation enables diverse and high-level functions adding value in areas that range from fire protection systems to biomass heating technologies.

technology & innovation

Technology and innovation are crucial to advancing towards our goals and targets. Through research and development we continue to evolve and enrich our products and services staying one step ahead in the areas of business we are active in.

technological advancement in fire protection

For almost three decades, TRIA continues to shape the future of fire protection systems.
Combining the TRIA brand identity as a synonym of safety, quality and reliability with the advancements in buildings technologies, digitalization and connectivity will be an integral part of the company’s value added progress into the future of project planning, implementation, monitoring and maintenance processes.

our companies.